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На данной странице я делюсь всем, что нахожу интересного в интернете.

Здесь собраны разные советы, фото, мысли, которые просто интересно почитать, а что-то можно взять себе на заметку и применить на практике.



Classroom Management – A few basic tips for classes with teenagers

1 Make sure you know before you walk into your first class what your school or institution’s policy is towards typical discipline problems. What can/must you do in each case? If you have free reign, do you know what your policy is?? Decide before problems happen, not after.
2 In the light of the above, you may like to negotiate some class rules with your students, but don’t bother negotiating what is unnegotiable.
3 It is usually more helpful to spend more time praising good behavior than punishing bad behavior. Make sure you keep your eyes open for good things to say to students and the class as a whole.
4 Learn students’ names as quickly as possible and use the students’ names. Prove to students that you know who they are and see them as individuals, not just part of the class.
5 Have activities ready to keep fast finishers busy and motivated. Fast-finishers can get bored quickly and disrupt the class.
6 Decide before the year starts how you want students to keep vocabulary records, grammar notes, corrections etc.
7 Beware shouting all the time. Ultimately, the more you shout, the less students will pay attention to you.
8 It may generally be good advice to be firm rather than too friendly at the start of the year. However, showing that you enjoy being with your class can only be positive.
9 Although it’s easier said than done, it’s worth remembering that, according to research (see ‘Interpersonal relations and education’ by David H. Hargreaves, Routledge & Kegan Paul 1975), teenage students like a teacher who:
1) keeps good control.
2) is fair and has no favourites.
3) gives no extreme or immoderate punishments.
4) knows and can explain their subject well.
5) gives interesting lessons.
6) is cheerful, friendly, patient, understanding.
7) has a good sense of humour.
8) takes an interest in pupils as individuals.

Got any questions or ideas about managing and motivating teenage students???? Remember, you can contact Dave Spencer via the Gateway Facebook page:

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